A brief introduction to GNU Screen

Recently, I was looking for a solution to keep the processes running after terminal has been closed … and ended up finding 2 main ways for doing that:

  1. Using nohup command: Which I think is the best and simplest way. You can simply use that with your long running command: nohup your-command &
  2. Using window managers and terminal multiplexers like screen and tmux: Although they can do the job but that’s not what they’re built for!

Actually “GNU Screen” or simply “screen” is a tool that brings you the ability to run multi sessions, detach from a session, resume sessions, splitting window horizontally and vertically, locking a session screen, sharing an SSH screen, etc. tmux is an alternative for screen and it seems to have more popularity among sysadmins! But in this article we stick with the screen for it’s simplicity and availability. You’re able to check tmux man page or github page for more information. Continue…