About Me

I remember the moment I finished the first chapter of Kevin Mitnick’s most famous book. It was super exciting! As a guidance school student with 14 years old, I used to write ActionScript codes within Flash 5 (or Flash MX!) and -as you can predict- the desire of being a hacker and my thin talent of programming led me to the digital security world. In the beginning, It was confusing! I couldn’t find any bright roadmap for achieving my goal: “Becoming a hacker”.  I’m not sure it was on Tehran LUG (Linux Users Group) website or just a topic on hackerz.ir forum but I finally found a translation of Eric S. Raymond’s article about how to become a hacker.

Long story short, I started to learn to program by C++, learned more and more about web applications security vulnerabilities, tried to help web admins to fix their bugs (and yes… sometimes my inner devil helped them by defacing their websites!), wrote some BOF exploits and finally entered university (with the “information technology” major at “Azad University, Tehran-North Branch”). I don’t know which one exactly stopped me from going further in the digital security field, getting busy with a part-time job (PHP web programming) or university courses. But it returned me to my coding roots.

Since then I am working as a developer and started my second exciting journey in programmers land. If you want to know more about my career and my experiences you can check my Linkedin Profile.

I’m happily married and in love with my wife and we are currently located in Tehran/Iran. Working in startups and companies taught me many things and I hope I’ll be able to use them for bringing more achievements to my life and teach them to others for growing our community. Don’t hesitate to contact me (me [at] alimrz [dot] com). I appreciate it if you send me any kind of feedback about my blog posts or anything else. You can also follow me on twitter (@alimmirzaee).